About Usestirador

Operating in the market since 1998, Sepúlveda Serralharia has built a solid company, which has always excelled by the quality and rigor in their services privided by the best professionals.

Currently our company targets various market segments within the locksmith area, from professional welding to the manufacture of large infrastructure.
Quality and rigor standards are applied throughout the manufacturing process of our products, combining the most modern equipment so that we can guarantee a high quality product and perfect finishes.

Throughout these years, we’ve distinguished ourselves not only by the quality of our products but mainly by the excellency of our service, allways aiming our customers high satisfaction. Despite the sharp growth in Portugal, the internationalization continues to be a priority and currently represents around eighty percent of our annual turnover.

We have contacts in some areas of the world and we want to further develop, keeping these business relationships that contribute to our success.

Our objective is to further evolve, always excelling in quality and satisfaction of our clients.

Reynaers Aluminium
Technal Aluminium
Schuco Aluminium

From design to assemblyestirador

We established as a priority the high quality of our services. To achieve this, we rely on the latest construction technologies using high quality raw materials, from worldwide reference manufacturers.

Our drawing office brings together the valences of highly qualified architects and engineers, which allows us to implement the more demanding and complex projects.

High-tech weldingestirador

The challenges presented by our customers over the years, encouraged us to adhere to the most advanced techniques, especially in the field of welding. We now have high-tech welding equipment, which allows us to carry out work in non-ferrous metals such as aluminum …

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